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I Seeee You…

It’s that time again – squeaky floor boards, the flutter of winged hordes, that bump in the night…. yes folks, it’s Hallowe’en!

But you already knew that, right? What you might NOT know is I’m watching you, right now.Spying Guy

Just kidding; I’m in my head. But hey, isn’t that creepy? Many feel it’s one of the creepiest things in movies, books, and their trip to the bathroom in the dark… someone watching them.

And yet, we go out in the daylight and hope we are seen. We put on stylish clothes, add a bit of make-up and we flick our dyed hair in a Starbucks. Yep, SEEN! Then we do that little inner dance of glee: “He saw me!” *Squeal* Day made.

The sun goes down, and unbeknownst to us (I’m watching you in my mind, remember?) Mr. Cutey has followed you home.

By now he’s has been watching you for hours, knows where you live, and intends to continue watching you through the night.


Wow, humans are conditional. We don’t appreciate being seen first thing in the morning – better to pull a comb through our hair first. “Oh no! a smudge on my white jeans – I can’t be seen in these!” It’s not enough that we are seen in the best light; we don’t want to be seen doing things we shouldn’t do, or when we are not at our best, and certainly not when we are alone in a house in the woods, during a storm, when the electricity has gone out, and all we have is this candle…

At least, I’m that way.

But today I had a new thought: what about the guy (or gal) who is watching you? Don’t they feel the same way? They couldn’t possibly want to be seen doing something they shouldn’t be doing (like spying on you), otherwise why would they be hiding? Is his hair uncombed? Does he have a smudge on his white jeans? Or is he alone in a house in the woods, during a storm, when the electricity is out, and he doesn’t have a candle – is he afraid of you?!

These are the day dreams of an author – always thinking the worst, and trying to twist situations into unexpected scenarios. Like, maybe that’s what ghosts do – watch you. They can’t do much else… can you feel it? Something dead, lurking, staring, waiting for you to die? Eeewww. Now I don’t know if I’m more creeped out by the live spy or the dead one!!

Hey! What was that?! Sounded like a bump… in the night!


My cat is looking at me… with a dead mouse in its mouth. They are both looking at me.

Oh, the horror!!!


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