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The Kiss

My sister was recently married in London, England and decided to have a reception in the States. We were ecstatic, and got right to work on preparations.

I was in charge of the cake.

Being that it was to be a small venue of close southern Californian friends and immediate family, I didn’t think the multi-layer cake was in order.

Since the art business is where my sister ‘calls home’, it seemed fitting that the cake should reflect that, and the romantic Gustav Klimt came to mind. His 1908 painting, “The Kiss” portrays a newly wed couple in a loving embrace of gentle affection. No other image would do.

Fondant City
I surrounded myself with coloured fondant icing – every inch of the rainbow, expanding it by making my own colours, working the dough-like frosting as if it were clay. It might have been more fun without the plastic cloves, but it was important to me that the cake be suitable for the pickiest eater. Accents of edible gold leaf pulled the image together. (The ‘glow’ around the couple is a gold leaf covered rib of fondant, as are a few areas of the garment designs in the photo detail, above.)

When the thing was presented to the newly-weds and guests, no one was willing to cut into the artwork – not even the bride and groom! Cake maker Alex Kent (aka Niki Chanel) had to do it amidst hisses and boos and gasps of disbelief… but they all had a piece.

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  • A beautiful cake indeed made with lots of love.

    • Thank you, Christine. Yes, love. I love my sister. The newly weds love each other, I loved making the cake, and my sister and new brother-in-law loved trying to get into the position Gustav Klimt put his couple in the painting, The Kiss. And while a bit voyeuristic, I loved watching them intertwine, attempting to mimic the artwork. Love. It’s great, isn’t it?!

  • Gorgeous cake . You are talented, Niki!!

    • Thank you so much, Charlene. I do love to lose myself in my work.

  • That is a GORGEOUS cake. Bravo on the love (and talent) that went into the cake.

    Just don’t jump into doing the realistic baby cakes, a la CakeWrecks, please.

    • Thank you for the kudos.
      Regarding your plea… deal!

  • Love the cake. How was the fondant? I am usually not a fan, but might have to make an exception for a piece of this cake.

    • Thanks for the love, Maria, though you might have to wait for the next one for a bite. This is the only part the guests left of the cake, and my mom is keeping the cameo “on ice” for a year. Personally, I think it’s a highly impractical tradition, but hey, it’s in her freezer – not mine!

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