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Videos Could Kill You. Cool!

Er… I mean videos about what could kill you are cool. These clever little 2-3 minute videos of how common things could kill you are actually miniature, obscure health tips.

For example, it so happens that hand sanitizer has twice the alcohol of hard liquor, so naturally some college kids (boys) tried to get a buzz on eating the stuff and, you guessed it, wound up in hospital. Yeah, not very smart – but it’s kinda funny. Generally I leave my alcohol intake to the occasional glass of wine, but that’s me.

So what else can kill you? Apparently loads of things you thought were healthy, can kill. Take, for instance the humble cherry; they’re in the stone fruit family by virtue of their very hard seeds like peaches and plums, and a single cherry pit contains enough cyanide to kill an adult if swallowed. But why would you eat that rock hard thing that is larger than any pill a doctor give you? Seems to me your safest bet is moderation and logic.

But come on, you’re not stupid enough to mow off your toes, are you? Well, are you?! If you want a laugh at what we’ve learned from experience, check out a few videos about what could kill you from the ULIVE videos. They are cute and very well done, besides.


You could also Google “could kill you” and learn – the fun way. One of my fav’s was


But don’t over do it. Watching over 1000 could-kill-you videos could kill you. But hey, that’s kinda funny: “Death by Health Videos”. Cool  :D


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  • Hi Niki,

    I love this post! Fun little tidbits about everyday things that could kill us — perfect. I checked your link to the site and, it looks like a lot of fun videos. I’ll try not to overdo it but I am the queen of excess.


  • Julia ~ Thank you for your input! It’s part of my personal 31 days of Horror in prep for Halloween. When I tripped over *ow* these videos I couldn’t resist. Enjoy, but as warned… don’t enjoy too much :D

    Happy Halloween!!


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